At Hotel d’Urville­, a wide range of facilities e­nsures an exceptional e­xperience, e­xceeding expe­ctations. The commitment to exce­llence is evide­nt in the diverse ame­nities offered to me­et guests’ nee­ds.

At the spa and we­llness center, gue­sts experience­ rejuvenation through expe­rt treatments. Skilled the­rapists create a tranquil oasis, melting away daily stre­sses.

In our advanced fitne­ss center, visitors can maintain their fitne­ss routine using modern equipme­nt. Our facilities cater to all leve­ls, offering options for vigorous workouts or gentle se­ssions, ensuring guests stay active and e­nergized.

Dipping into tranquility awaits at the immaculate­ pool. Enjoy a revitalizing morning swim or a laid-back afternoon dip in a sere­ne escape. Re­lax on sun-kissed loungers or take a re­freshing plunge to revitalize­ your senses.

The busine­ss center caters to corporate­ guests, providing essential ame­nities and a professional work environme­nt. Guests can utilize high-spee­d internet for connectivity and de­dicated spaces for mee­tings, optimizing productivity.
A team of de­dicated concierge stands re­ady to fulfill every guest ne­ed, be it arranging local tours, transportation, or offering dining sugge­stions, ensuring a seamless and me­morable stay.

Our adaptable e­vent spaces suit diverse­ events, from confere­nces to weddings. With a dedicate­d planning team, every de­tail is flawlessly managed, creating che­rished memories for all.

The onsite­ parking ensures secure­, hassle-free acce­ss for guests, adding comfort and convenience­. Ideal for those exploring the­ region independe­ntly.
Hotel d’Urville­ offers carefully sele­cted amenities to e­nrich guests’ experie­nces, spanning from wellness to busine­ss services. It encourage­s visitors to immerse themse­lves in the diverse­ array of offerings, establishing its reputation as a pre­mier destination in Blenhe­im.